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The Value of Customer Feedback for Retailers

Using customer feedback is critical for retailers looking better to understand their customers and their experience at the store.

Analysis of customer sentiments in retail answers the critical question of "why" and offers valuable insights into customers' likes and dislikes. More importantly, retailers need to understand why their customers like them to market the "why" more aggressively and strengthen customer loyalty.

Refining customer experiences by gathering feedback is a key differentiator between retailers that succeed and those that fall flat.

Retailers gain trememdous insights on their customers and their store operations by asking questions from their customers at the point-of-sale (POS). The main advantages with asking a question at the POS checkout include the level of participation and the relevancy of the response. POS surveys can improve retailers' understanding of their audience, allowing them to assess customer satisfaction as soon as a transaction occurs.

By giving customers a survey at the point of sale, retailers are asking them about their experience while it is still fresh in their minds. The customer’s feedback and response tend to be more accurate. Most shoppers would forget their experience at the store quickly unless the experience was either extremely good or extremely bad. Therefore, running surveys after the customer leaves the store creates the risk of collecting surveys from only customers who hold these extreme views about their experience.

Both the participation of the customer and the accuracy of their response declines significantly when there is a gap in time between the shopping experience and the feedback.

These benefits allow retailers to elevate their store operations and service levels by obtaining firsthand data directly from their customers who are shopping at the store., This data is much more accurate than survey results collected by other organizations using a sample population.

How can we help?

Accuvia Software Group is partnering with TruRating to provide a comprehensive view of the store operations for our retail clients. We offer an advanced store system platform to capture transaction and loyalty data from all stores and centralize this data in our cloud-based central office platform.

TruRating provides a state-of-the-art solution to engage with customers and capture their feedback when they shop in the store. Their solution offers the ability to gather specific customer feedback regarding their shopping experience, store products, and many other aspects. What makes this solution very powerful is that it captures feedback from nearly every customer, in every store, from every transaction throughout the entire day, and makes it available in real-time through their dashboard and portal. The questions displayed at the POS are based upon the transaction criteria and are highly personalized to each store. Additionally, customers' identity stays anonymous, so the rating data is not compromised.

This level of information on customer sentiment combined with a broader understanding of the store operation, such as sales data, traffic, and customer journey information, is extremely critical for retailers, as it allows retailers to see their physical store operations holistically and, in a way that it was never possible before.

Visit us in New York at NRF 2022

Accuvia Software Group will be exhibiting at the NRF show in New York in January in Booth 6562 at the Javits Convention Center. We will be demonstrating our comprehensive solutions for retailers, including our POS, Central Office, and Loyalty solutions, and the innovative solution from TruRating. Together we make a powerful team ready to bring the store of the future to our retail clients today.

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