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Updated: Jan 5, 2023


Chicago, IL (November 2022) -- On Friday, November 11th, Accuvia Software Group, a POS and retail analytics provider, finalized a Value-Added Reseller agreement with AI-powered retail traffic analytics provider, FastSensor. This partnership will allow Accuvia to offer retailers a more complete picture of store operations through customer journey analytics.

FastSensor’s patented technology uses sensors to count the number of people walking by and into the store. Inside the store, the sensors continue to passively collect anonymous traffic data so retailers can see where their customers are spending the most amount of time while respecting their privacy. Once the data is collected, it is analyzed via artificial intelligence and machine learning to give retailers a true conversion funnel of their brick-and-mortar stores.

FastSensor’s technology and data add another dimension to Accuvia’s VIA|central office analytics solution. VIA|central office is a cloud-based data hub that allows retailers to capture key datasets from their store operations. This store data includes sales, general operations, customer demographics and sentiment, weather, and now traffic. All this data is securely collected and analyzed to help retailers develop key insights on their stores.

The FastSensor solution together with Accuvia’s VIA|central office provides brick-and-mortar retailers with metrics that have previously only been available across online channels. These metrics include a conversion funnel that determines the customer journey through the physical store experience starting from the people walking by outside the storefront, to the AI qualified visitors walking in, areas within the store that they visit, for how long (heat mapping) and finally conversion at the POS. This funnel will allow retailers to optimize marketing efforts, further understand the in-store customer experience, and identify the areas of the funnel that can be improved via A/B testing principles

“Retailers can’t just set up shop and hope to survive,” said Michael Hess, CEO of Accuvia, “They need analytics to see what works and what doesn’t.” Kalon Welch, EVP of Business Development at FastSensor said, “We are honored to partner with Accuvia to help their retailer clients illuminate their customer journey to maximize efficiencies, sell through and reduce costs.”


About ASG: ASG helps retailers optimize store operations through our advanced retail platforms. Our systems are designed to elevate customer engagement and provides retailers with a tool to gather and view store data in a centralized location, and in real time. Our solutions include:

VIA|store – Our advanced POS software, made for customer engagement

VIA|central office – Our enterprise data hub platform, the home of your store data

VIA|loyalty – Our retail loyalty platform, the engine that drives customer loyalty

About FastSensor: FastSensor, the first AI-powered customer journey tracking technology that provides privacy-emphasized retail analytics to improve engagement and maximize ROI. FastSensor connects brands to customers in physical spaces so that you can measure your store like you measure your website.

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