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Get to know your customers

Our VIA|marketing solution is a advanced cloud-based customer engagement platform that provides retailers with the ability to know and understand their customers. Our VIA|marketing provides advanced features to gather and analyze your customer's behaviors and activities. We use your transaction data and combine it with 3rd party demographics to build a comprehensive understanding of your customers. The VIA|marketing solution is fully integrated into our VIA|store retail store system solution to provide you with an ideal platform for engaging with your clients. 

Do you know your customers?


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Customer Engagement and Digital Marketing Solution

The VIA|marketing solution is a cloud-based customer engagement and digital marketing platform focused on the retail industry. It includes a CRM database to manage your customer and loyalty data. It is highly integrated with our VIA|store retail store system solution so that you can capture and analyze customer transaction and sales data. We add demographics data to provide a more comprehensive understanding of your customer. Finally, we make these insights on your customer actionable through advanced outbound marketing including email, social and digital capabilities.

Our VIA|marketing solution allows you to know your customers...


Powerful and scalable CRM database

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Advanced Analytics and Dashboards

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Customer insights through profiling and realtime scoring

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Customer engagement through email, social and digital marketing

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