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What do your customers think about your business?

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

The store of the future will provide you tools to answer this question.

As part of our series about the store of the future, we have concluded that the future of retail is focused on data and that success will be based upon knowing your customer. With this in mind, what would you do if you could get immediate feedback from every customer regarding their experience with your business?

Imagine that you could ask all of your customers about the service level they received, if they found everything that they were looking for, about their opinion on the products you offer and why they shop in your store. I’m sure that if you could get answers to these questions for every customer, in every store, every day, it would give you powerful insights into your business. It would allow you to see negative trends in your operation before it damages your customer loyalty and brand. It would also allow you to see positive trends that allow you to focus on in order to improve your sales.

Finding ways to obtain data on your customer’s sentiment and feedback can seem like a daunting task. How do you collect feedback from all of your customers who interact with your stores… not just a select few? This requires innovative solutions that can scale up to cover every aspect of your retail operation both online and in-store.

TruRating provides an innovative solution to engage with your customers to capture their feedback as they make a purchase in your store. The TruRating solution provides the ability to gather specific feedback from your customers regarding the shopping experience, your products and other many other aspects of your business. The power of the TruRating solution is that it captures feedback from nearly every customer, in every store, from every transaction throughout the entire day and makes it available real-time through their dashboard and portal.

The best part is that the TruRating experience is effortless for the customer. One question appears on the payment terminal and all it takes is pressing a single button for a response. The simplicity of the customer experience results in a response rates well over 80%.

RPG - Nike Master Retail Franchisee AU & NZ: a TruRating Story

The data captured by the TruRating solution provides critical insights into how your customers perceive your business. It allows you to see customer feedback by day or week, by hour of day, by region, by store type and many other factors. It allows you to see where your stores are doing well and where you need to improve. It provides actionable insights into the business that you can use immediately to make an impact.

On its own, this level of data on customer sentiment is tremendously powerful. However, it becomes even more valuable when take these insights and combine them with a broader understanding of the store operation such as sales data, traffic and customer journey information. It allows you to see your physical store operations holistically and, in a way never before possible.

Accuvia Software Group is partnering with TruRating to provide the holistic view of the store operations for our retail clients. We offer an advanced store system platform that can capture transaction and loyalty data from all of your stores and centralize this data in a cloud-based central office platform. We provide standard APIs for easy integration with outside solutions that contribute additional data and provide tools to analyze and utilize the data.

ASG and TruRating are collaborating on ways to adapt the questions being presented to your customers based upon criteria from the transaction. The customer remains anonymous, so the rating data is not compromised. However, there are many other criteria from the POS environment that can help determine the most appropriate question to ask the customer.

Together between ASG and TruRating, we provide the systems foundation that retailers can use to build the store of the future for their specific business.

Accuvia Software Group will be exhibiting at the NRF show in New York in January. We will be demonstrating a comprehensive solution for retailers that including our advanced POS and Loyalty solutions along with the innovative solution from TruRating. Together we make a powerful team ready to bring the store of the future to our retail clients today.

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