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Helping retailers engage with their customers

Retail In-Store Analytics

Discover trends, predict outcomes and make informed decisions based on your store performance and your customers’ shopping habits. 

For many years, we have been helping retailers better understand their customers by using our comprehensive set of software solutions. We have spent years creating omnichannel solutions and strategies to help retailers engage better with their customers and fill gaps where necessary to adapt to customers’ behaviors and preferences. Our software solutions are all about bridging the gap between stable and reliable solutions with the innovation needed to keep retailers competitive and support a consistent experience.

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VIA|store is an advanced, feature rich Windows-based POS platform that provides an advanced set of functions for the general retail environment.


Our advanced solution architecture gives you an option for cloud, on-premises or a hybrid environment for rapid deployment to your stores with very low infrastructure and overhead.

VIA|central office office is a cloud-based hub for all store operations, data, and insights. While it provides the organizations with real-time data and allows easy remote access, users can have personalized access to the data based on their roles and job function. 


All the store operation’s data such as POS, loyalty, marketing, traffic, OMS, eCommerce, finance, and inventory feed their data into this system. VIA|central office collects and investigates business data and converts it into dashboards, charts, and visualization to make trends in results easier to spot. 

VIA|loyalty is an advanced solution to deploy and maintain customer loyalty programs, and it is a comprehensive tool for organizations to build a strong relationship with their customers. Using this software solution, organizations can provide a convenient, personalized, relevant, and beneficial experience for their shoppers and increase their engagement. 


Our loyalty solution software is innovative and flexible to any organization’s business model. The focus is to create a relevant customer rewards/awards program to respond to the needs of an ever-changing customer base as well as helping marketers to forecast future customer behaviors better.

Get to know your customers
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Accuvia Software Group


Accuvia Software Group has been in business since 2016 helping retailers engage with their customers and better understand their store operations. 


ASG has a well established solution for retailers with installations in thousands of store locations.

ASG was founded by a team passionate about retail. We are focused on providing market leading solutions for the retail industry guided by outstanding service for our clients, innovation solutions and quality execution.


We understand that the retail industry is in a period of change. There are new ideas on how to engage the consumer and redefine customer service. 

ASG believes in bridging the gap between stable and reliable solutions with the innovation needed to keep you compettive. 

Our team has a deep understanding of the retail industry and we can help you navigate through the opportunities that change presents for your business.


Our technology is proven, reliable and scalable. We have installations in thousands of store locations throughout the US and Canada. However, our software suite is also innovative and dynamic using the latest mobile technologies to keep your business ahead of the competition.


Clients and Partners

These are a few of our clients and partners. We are proud of our relationship with them.


Contact Information:

Tel: 312-643-3200

Corporate Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 130

Downers Grove, IL 60515

Illinois Office:

222 S. Riverside Plaza, Suite 1500

Chicago, Illinois 60606

Connecticut Office:

7 Old Sherman Turnpike

Danbury, CT 06810



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